Boutique law firm in Miami joins Trump’s legal fight after others steer clear 1


Donald Trump was not a target for big law firms. A boutique Miami-area law firm now represents the former president.

Chris Kise has been hired by Continental, according to an announcement made to NBC News. It has a group of Trump loyalists and Florida GOP connections. The attorneys describe their mission to be a legal antidote for “woke cancel culture”, which they claim has overtaken “Big Law.”

Florida Solicitor

Kise is a former Florida solicitor general who was also an attorney for both the governornatorial transition teams. Ron DeSantis, Rick Scott (now a U.S. Senator) said that Continental has “exceptional firepower”, to represent Trump and other clients including conservative figures .

South Florida-based Company

Continental, a South Florida-based company, is well-positioned to face the criminal and court battles related to the highly law sensitive records that the FBI claims it seized from Trump’s Mar-a-Lago Club in Palm Beach.

Trump filed a petition to the Supreme Court Tuesday regarding a special master’s examination of the documents. Kise, along with other Trump lawyers , filed a petition to the Supreme Court on Tuesday in connection to a special master’s review of the documents. Lazaro P. Felds, one of Continental’s attorneys, was also present. He is an ex-assistant U.S. Attorney in the Northern District of Florida.

Attorneys at Continental include Carlos Trujillo

Other attorneys at Continental include Carlos Trujillo (Trump’s former ambassador in the Organization of American States), who was a member of the Florida House; Richard Corcoran (DeSantis’ former state commissioner for law education and a past speaker of the state House); Paul Hawkes, an ex-Florida First District Court of Appeal judge from Tallahassee; Jesus M. Suarez a former chair of Republican National Lawyers Association, and a DeSantis appointed member of a deSantis nominating committee.

Suarez stated that the firm is happy to fill in the gap left by other firms who wouldn’t represent Trump and others like him.

He said, “We are absolutely thrilled to represent conservatives that were shunned under Big Law.” “It is antithetical for law to have a section of the legal system that doesn’t want to represent an ex-president of the United States simply because they don’t agree with his political views.”

Joyce White Vance, a former federal law prosecutionssor, told NBC News that representing Trump is not easy.

Big law firms didn’t want Donald Trump as a client. Now a boutique Miami-area firm is elevating its profile by representing the former president.

In an announcement first shared with NBC News, the president’s newly hired lawyer, Chris Kise, has joined Continental. The firm has a stable of Trump loyalists with deep Florida GOP ties and attorneys who describe their mission as a legal antidote to “woke cancel culture” that they say has taken over “Big Law.”

Kise, a former solicitor general for Florida who also was attorney for the gubernatorial transition teams of both Govs. Ron DeSantis and Rick Scott, who’s now a U.S. senator, said Continental has “exceptional firepower” to represent Trump and other clients, including conservative figures and causes.

As a South Florida-based firm, Continental is well-positioned for the court fight — and possible criminal charges — related to the trove of highly sensitive records the FBI says it seized Aug. 8 from Trump’s Mar-a-Lago club in Palm Beach.

Trump petitioned the Supreme Court on Tuesday in connection with a special master’s review of the documents. Joining Kise and other Trump lawyers on the filing was one of Continental’s attorneys, Lazaro P. Fields, a former assistant U.S. attorney in the Northern District of Florida.

Continental’s other attorneys include Carlos Trujillo, Trump’s former ambassador to the Organization of American States, who served in the Florida House; Richard Corcoran, DeSantis’ former state education commissioner and a past state House speaker; Paul Hawkes, a former Florida First District Court of Appeal judge in Tallahassee; and Jesus M. Suarez, a former chair of the Republican National Lawyers Association and a DeSantis appointee on a judicial nominating commission.

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