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How did Squidward Die

Squidward Squarepants was a negative character when we were children. Patrick and Spongebob were always scolded. As we grew up, he became the most relatable character of them all. How does Squidward go to his death?

How about his death? What happened to Squidward? Who was responsible for Squidward’s death?


Spongebob is presented as a lighthearted comedy with sea creatures living normal lives like us. The show reveals that there are real-life issues as well as conspiracy theories beneath the lighthearted humor.

Most people can relate to Spongebob, the happy-go-lucky and fun-loving Spongebob. However, we can relate to Squidward the negative character, who is human-like with flaws, expectations, and a lot of other things. I was shocked to my core when I saw the trend “How did Squidward Die” and its cause.

You know, Squidward would react the same way if you met Spongebob. Singer Pharrell William is a big fan of the show and said that Squidward was his favorite. I would love to hang out with him if he were a human.

Cassey Alex, a show staff writer, stated that Squidward was the character he most related to. He’s, in an exaggerated manner, the most human character. If Spongebob were a human, I would probably react the same way as Squidward.

How Did Squidward Die In Spongebob?

Squidward dreams of becoming a well-known clarinet player. He also wants to live a luxurious lifestyle with plenty of wealth. He is stuck in a monotonous, unfulfilling job at the Krusty Krabs as a cashier.

Spongebob, his neighbor, is always happy and makes him feel self-pity. Squidward, while a sad character overall, is the most human-like and practical of all.

How did the Tik Tok trend, people responding to Google searches “how did Squidward died?” on Google begin?

While some reactions were humorous, most reactions were from people who were horrified. A recent Tik Tok trend asked creators to search for a question via Google and then record their reactions after they had found the answer.

They had to respond to the question, “How did Squidward die?”

This search resulted in a deleted scene from Season 4, titled ” Squidward’s Suicide.” It showed Squidward shooting a gun into his mouth and killing himself.

The creepy website

The creepy website Creepypasta was the first to be a part of the horror story that was spread all over the internet. They are a paranormal-based website that is specifically designed to scare its viewers.

This episode was to premiere season 4. It featured Squidward, our negative nelly, committing suicide by putting a shotgun in the mouth.

An intern from Nickelodeon of the production team told the story. It was later deleted. Although the footage was shown to animators and editors, the shocking violence displayed scared them. The episode was not approved for release.

Origin Of The Clip

This deleted episode’s story was written by an anonymous user 7chan/x/paranormal forum.

The user describes his time as an intern at Nickelodeon and how he was asked by a few to watch the episode ” Fear of the Krabby Patty.”

When they first started to watch, they saw that the episode title was ” Squidward’s Suicide“. They thought this was a joke and decided to go on with the episode.

This episode is both horrifyingly morbid and inappropriate for children. This horrifying clip is the beginning of a trend on Tik Tok. It began with “How did Squidward Die?” “.

Somewhere we all have inseparable connection with “Squidward” from SpongeBob’s SquarePants Show.His behavior is likely the result of his working conditions, which are in poor shape and inability to find peace and tranquil.

In essence urban stories that are horror-related and are widely distributed via the Internet. They are usually shorter, user-generated paranormal tales designed to scare viewers.

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