Duly Health and Care is a growing health system

Duly Health and Care

Duly Health and Care is a growing health system that began as a local group called DuPage Medical Group. Recently, it expanded outside the Chicagoland area by acquiring South Bend Clinic and Quincy Medical Group. Its CEO, Steve Nelson, previously worked for Henry Ford Health System and UnitedHealthcare. The company is known for its focus on technology and the customer experience. Nelson also discusses the impact of a water skiing accident on his triathlon training.

DuPage Medical Group

DuPage Medical Group is one of the largest physician groups in the Chicago area. Since 1999, the group has grown into a multispecialty organization. Its physician-governed board and QEA model have guided the group’s expansion. The group’s goal is to provide the best possible care to patients in the most convenient manner.

While the company has historically offered full-time, permanent positions, it has also hired those looking for flexible and remote work. The company requires that applicants have strong communication and interpersonal skills. It also requires that applicants have a RN license and two years of work experience. The company also requires that applicants work a minimum of 40 hours a week, although they are free to work from home on some days.

As the largest physician-owned organization in Illinois and Indiana, DuPage Medical Group has entered into a transformational agreement with The South Bend Clinic. The merger will create a regional hub that will help expand access to high-quality care. Together, they will invest in transformational infrastructure to enhance care delivery and advance the transition to value-based care.

DuPage Medical Group has a reputation for delivering exceptional care. As a multispecialty group, the practice is home to more than 600 physicians in more than 100 locations. Its leadership structure emphasizes the importance of primary care and specialty care. The group employs approximately 3,200 people and generates revenues of $490 million a year. In DuPage County alone, the group serves about a third of the residents.

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