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Linus Tech Tips

If you’re looking for tech tips, you’ve come to the right place. YouTuber and creator Linus Sebastien has combined YouTube subscribers of over 19 million. Along with three friends, Linus started Linus Media Group and hosts the annual LTX Expo. His videos are full of tips and tricks for using computers and software.

He’s a Canadian

Canadian computer enthusiast Linus Sebastian has a YouTube channel where he shows how to improve the performance of a computer. His first video was based on the use of a Sunbeam processor heatsink. He also has an extensive knowledge of the various aspects of computer hardware. The videos are easy to understand, and they are fun to watch.

Sebastian was born on August 20, 1986. He works at an electronics store in British Columbia and is well-known for his popular tech YouTube channel. His company Linus Media Group is based in Surrey, British Columbia. In addition to his YouTube channel, Sebastian also has six other tech channels. His YouTube videos have garnered millions of subscribers.

He’s a YouTuber

In one of his latest videos, Linus unboxes a gaming PC and reviews it, as well as the power supply it uses. The video also shows how to replace a keyboard with a wearable glove. And he gives advice on how to keep your computer running smoothly. Some of the tips he offers are practical, but others are more ridiculous. For example, putting aluminum and copper in the same loop will cause them to galvanize, leading to corrosion.

The Linus Tech Tips channel has become one of the most popular tech YouTube channels. The channel has over 14.5 million subscribers and over 5.1 billion views. Sebastian has even gone so far as to help Austin Evans rebuild his home after it was damaged in a fire in 2014. While he initially thought about retiring in 2020, he’s still making content, and has plans to expand into the research and development space.

He owns a production company

Linus Sebastian started his career as a product manager at a Canadian online computer store called NCIX. Soon he launched a YouTube channel called Linus Tech Tips. He realized that he had a low viewership but a high production value and set out to find a way to cut costs. He later worked in sales, category management, and high-end systems design, but decided to leave after a dispute with the company over inventory. As a result, he signed a non-compete agreement and left.

Linus has a reputation for dropping expensive tech. One example is when he dropped an Intel Xeon Platinum 8180, a $10,000 workstation CPU. The incident happened when he accidentally touched a power supply PCB while reassembling his iMac Pro. He also dropped a display.

He’s been hacked several times

Linux Mint has been hacked several times and the website has been down for most of Sunday. It is a popular Linux distribution with a friendly user interface. The hacking began in January and peaked on Saturday morning. The hacker claims his primary motivation was to create a botnet. To do this, he used a malware known as Tsunami. This malware connects to an IRC server and waits for commands.

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